Five questions the ‘leave’ campaign needs to answer






  1. Why don’t you believe we’re stronger together?  Doesn’t being part of the EU deliver strong economic, social and cultural benefits to the UK?


  1. How will you mitigate the complications of divorce?  Two years of upheaval will take its toll on our economy.


  1. Peace – since the EU, we have never had such a long period of peace.  How will you maintain our global and welcoming outlook?.


  1. What’s your vision for business?  None of us knows what will happen to trade as we exit the EU but we do know it will become more complex.


  1. How will you curb immigration?  You make it the defining issue but the truth is that the majority of immigrants to the UK are from outside the EU, Britain is not borderless and Turkey will not be joining the EU unless conditions are met.


Can anyone give us a happy ending to this story?  Particularly interested to hear from Brexiteers


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