Hot issues and interesting facts in the PR industry

The typical PR employee: female and in-house. Photo source:

Interesting that the recent PRCA survey identified the hot issues for the industry:

•               SEO

•               Online communications

•               Reputation management

•               Communications strategy and development.


Two other little interesting facts 40,000 of the 61,000 people who work in PR work in-house.  The Midlands is the largest community outside the South-East with 12%.  The NW and NE and SW each has 6% of the PR population.  PR’s also lost its petticoat profession in that 36% of the profession are now male.


3 Responses

  1. Great information! Where did you get your stats from? I would be interested in seeing this study.

  2. Please see the PRCA release – – we are PRCA members so were invited to the full analysis.

  3. The SEO is growing at a huge rate but still looks quite a long way from reaching its critical mass, so is only going to become more of an important thing to get your head round in the immediate future.

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